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Discover the Alpe di Siusi and its surroundings with the latest winter sports equipment from our ski rental in Castelrotto.

Ski sale

In our ski rental, you will find a wide selection of top-quality sports equipment from leading manufacturers available for purchase.

Ski service

Trust in our professional ski service and race preparation for maximum safety and fun on the perfectly groomed slopes.

Ski & Snowboard Service Karbon in Castelrotto – Alpe di Siusi

Discover high-quality rental and sales offers, along with professional ski services, for your perfect skiing holiday on the Alpe di Siusi – Dolomites!

A skiing holiday on the Alpe di Siusi in the stunning Dolomites is a special experience for all winter sports enthusiasts. You can find the appropriate equipment for it in our ski and snowboard rental in Castelrotto. If you don't have your own skiing equipment or if transporting your own skis is too inconvenient, our rental offers a wide selection of all well-known skiing brands and the necessary sports gear. In addition, we also have sledges, cross-country and ski 2ring items and helmets in our rental shop. Our professional team is available to provide you with first-class advice on all winter sports articles, so you can fully enjoy your stay.

Equipment at the ski rental Alpe di Siusi
We offer a wide range of high-quality winter sports equipment and provide you with the latest top models of the season.

  • Top skis from the brands Head, Atomic and Fischer for downhill skiing
  • Carving skis for those who like to have fun on the slopes
  • Skis for children and young people
  • Ski poles and helmets for your safety on the slopes
  • Ski boots, which will be accurately cleaned and disinfected after each use
  • Snowboards from all major brands
  • Sledges and toboggans for a wonderful day with your family
  • Cross-country skiing equipment including skis, poles and boots
  • Complete ski touring equipment for the latest trend sport
  • Snowshoes for delightful excursions in the snowy mountains
  • Snowblades for the ultimate fun on the slopes
Numerous advantages
of ski rental

Renting winter sports equipment at the ski rental is cost-effective and helps reduce expenses for your vacation. Typically, one's own skiing equipment is only used for 1-2 weeks a year on ski holidays, while the rest of the time it’s stored in your basement. After a few years, it becomes outdated and should be replaced. The advantage of our ski rental is that you only pay for the time you actually need it and you always receive the latest models of the season.

Alpine skiing: Adults
Alpine skiing: Children
Ski boots
Touring skis
Cross-country skiing
Alpine skiing: Adults
Days Goldcarver + ski poles Topcarver + ski poles
1 €29 €23
2 €52 €41
3 €78 €63
4 €100 €77
5 €120 €95
6 €140 €113
+1 €+13 €+13
Alpine skiing: Children
Days Baby ski 70-110cm + ski poles Junior ski 111-150cm + ski poles
1 €11 €14
2 €17 €24
3 €23 €32
4 €30 €41
5 €37 €49
6 €42 €57
+1 €+4 €+7
Ski boots
Days Kids baby/junior Adults
1 €10 €13
2 €14 €22
3 €19 €31
4 €23 €40
5 €26 €49
6 €31 €56
+1 €+4 €+7
Days Junior < 145cm Senior > 145cm Boots
1 €19 €27 €16
2 €32 €41 €27
3 €46 €61 €37
4 €60 €81 €47
5 €72 €92 €55
6 €81 €100 €63
+1 €+9 €+12 €+7
Touring skis
Days Touring skis + ski poles Boots
1 €25 €13
2 €46 €22
3 €68 €31
4 €82 €40
5 €105 €49
6 €120 €56
+1 €+13 €+7
Cross-country skiing
Days Classic skis Skating skis Classic boots Skating boots
1 €15 €19 €11 €14
2 €23 €33 €15 €21
3 €32 €44 €19 €29
4 €41 €55 €23 €34
5 €48 €65 €27 €38
6 €55 €75 €31 €43
+1 €+11 €+12 €+7 €+9
Days Kids helmets Adults helmets Sticks
1 €4 €6 €4
2 €6 €8 €6
3 €8 €10 €8
4 €10 €13 €10
5 €12 €16 €12
6 €14 €19 €14
+1 €+2 €+3 €+2
Bob/snow shoes
Days Toboggan, bob Snowshoes
1 €13 €16
2 €22 €27
3 €31 €37
4 €39 €49
5 €46 €58
6 €63 €66
+1 €+6 €+7
Full ski service €38
Full snowboard service €45 to €50
Race service €65
Special work on request
Top sports equipment
on offer

In our sales department, we always strive to find the right sports equipment to meet your needs!
Our range includes skis, ski boots, poles and other gear from renowned manufacturers like Nordica, Madshus, Scott, Salomon, F2, Fischer, Elan, Atomic, Dynafit, Head, Leki and many more. Don't hesitate to ask for your wishes!

Professional ski service

Ski Service Karbon in Castelrotto offers you professional consulting and a top service for all winter sports. Optimal care and maintenance of your ski and snowboard equipment are crucial for safety and fun on the slopes. Whether it’s sharpening edges, repairing scratches and base damage, waxing and polishing skis or conducting a thorough inspection of your winter sports gear, you can benefit from our years of experience and our top ski service.

Race service

Ski service – when and how often?
The frequency at which you should have your skis serviced depends on the slope and snow conditions, as well as your own abilities. Deep cracks in the base and serious edge damage should be repaired immediately. Otherwise, we recommend an inspection of your skis and snowboards at the beginning and end of the winter season, as well as after approximately 5 days on the slopes.
There are some small things you can do yourself to help maintain your equipment in good condition. After each day of skiing, it's advisable to clean and dry the base and store the skis or boards in a dry, warm place.

Race service
For ambitious winter sports enthusiasts and competitive racers, we offer our professional ski racing service. Our many years of experience and expertise in this field distinguish us. We provide you with perfectly prepared equipment. Depending on your skiing style, requirements and performance level, the ski will be precisely tailored to your needs in order to maximise your chances of success during the competition.
Use our service for race ski preparation and benefit from individual ski tuning. You will be impressed. For further information and expert advice, we are always here to assist you.

Book your winter sports equipment online

In the request form you can book your equipment comfortably from home and pick it up quickly and stress-free at the ski rental on the day of arrival.